UPS Software

  ViewPower Software for Windows® v2.12 (149,6 MiB, 3.768 hits)
Windows® 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008 and Windows® 7/8 /Windows SBS 2011 and Windows server 2012

  ViewPower Software for Mac OS x86-64bit v2.12 (40,9 MiB, 717 hits)
Mac OS 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9

  ViewPower Software for Mac OS i386 v2.12 (40,9 MiB, 590 hits)
Mac OS 10.5

ViewPower software supporting other operating systems is available from the following website:

FSP Guardian Software

  FSP Guardian v1.00 (44,5 MiB, 533 hits)
Users can use FSP Guardian software to monitor power input, power output, efficiency,
and other internal records in real time and get the historical data within 30 days.

Dokumente / Anleitungen

  ViewPower User Manual v2.12 (3,3 MiB, 2.369 hits)
- Allows control and monitoring of multiple UPSs via LAN and INTERNET
- Realtime dynamic graphs of UPS data (voltage, frequency, load level, battery capacity)
- Safely OS shutdown and protection from data loss during power failure
- Warning notifications via audible alarm, popup screen, roadcast, mobile messenger, and email
- Scheduled UPS on/off, battery test, programmable outlet control, and audible alarm control
- Password security protection and remote access management

  FSP AGB (93,1 KiB, 678 hits)
FSP - Die allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen

  USV Einsteiger Handbuch (2,3 MiB, 938 hits)
Ein kleiner Leitfaden in die Welt der USV-Anlagen. Einfach und klar erklärt, damit auch Einsteiger
am Ende genau Wissen welches USV für sie das Geeignetste ist.

  Champ Tower 1-3K Manual (1,3 MiB, 516 hits)

  EP Series 450 650 850 Manual (1.017,6 KiB, 770 hits)

  EP Series 1000 Manual (1,1 MiB, 1.135 hits)

  EP Series 1500 2000 Manual (1,4 MiB, 728 hits)

  FP Series 400 600 800 Manual (1.017,1 KiB, 606 hits)

  FP Series 1000 1500 2000 Manual (3,7 MiB, 676 hits)

  Nano Series 400 600 800 Manual (933,0 KiB, 546 hits)

Press and Product Pictures / Data Sheets

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